About Us

About Us

The William Carey International Christian Guest House was founded by Isaiah Komaravalli. A great man of faith, Isaiah had been given a vision by God to create a modern Guest House for International missionaries to visit in his home town of Vijayawada.

Isaiah was a lawyer and high school teacher and migrated to Sydney, Australia in 1972. He married his wife Grace Karri in 1973 and together they started a family. Their daughters Sonia, Monica and Carolyn are continuing with their father’s work after he passed away on September 4th 2018.

Isaiah’s parents were devout Christians and although poor they never let adversity stand in the way of successful outreach. Thousands have been reached through the ministry of the Komaravalli family.

The William Carey International Christian Guest House Committee is made up of local Christian leaders. These are:

  • Pastor Suresh Babu: Founder of Grace Fellowship, Pastor Suresh has planted many churches throughout South India. He works tirelessly preaching the gospel and spreading the love of the Lord.
  • Solomon Komaravalli: Having worked for over 10 years with Gospel Association on India, Brother Solomon’s understanding of Indian ministry is highly regarded.
  • Arthur Paul Seelam: Brother Arthur has spent his entire life cherishing the Lord and His word. He works with both Christians and Non-Christians in teaching them to have a deeper understanding of the Bible.
  • Grace Komaravalli: After a 50 year teaching career and living in Australia for 47 years, Grace frequently returns to India to share her ministry. She loves giving to the poor and particularly enjoys sharing gospel with young children.
  • Mounica Komaravalli (Manager and Caretaker): Daughter of Solomon Komaravalli, Mounica is in charge of the day-to-day running management of the Guest House.
  • Sonia Komaravalli (President): Daughter of Isaiah Komaravalli, Sonia is committed to realising her father’s dream of making the Guest House the primary landing spot for Missionaries and Evangelists (both local and International).

Other members, associates and friends: Carolyn Komaravalli (Paris), Monica Komaravalli (Sydney), Denis Croke (Melbourne), Bill Smith (Sydney), William Carey Christian School (Sydney), Suraj Komaravalli (https://www.cbmin.org/suraj-komaravalli/) and many others.

If you would like to know more or want to join the committee please reach out at info@careyinternationalguesthouse.com

Isaiah Komaravalli at the Guest House opening 2004
Grace Komaravalli shares her ministry
The Komaravalli family over 100 years ago